ST M35080 Eeproms


ST M35080 Eeproms

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The ST M35080 Eeprom is used in the following cars :

  • BMW
  • Mini
  • Vauxhall/Opel
  • Range Rover

As this chip has an incremental counter , it is normally necessary to change this chip.Especially if the car has a 35080 V6 or 35080 VP.

The chip is also know as:
ST M 35080
ST M 35080 3
35080 6
35080 VP
35080 V6

Please note: That we are supplying original ST 35080 Marked 080D0WQ eeproms, and not Chinese copies.

These can be programmed only once. They are compatible with all known programmers and can be erased using a suitable erasure.


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