Data Specialist Plus 3+ Full Odometer Package


Data Specialist Plus 3+ Full Odometer Package

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The DSP 3+ is the complete programming device for digital odometers and also covers airbag modules, car radios, and car immobilisers. It is a high-quality embedded system, which offers a maximum flexibility and working control.

Technical information

Power by ARM 10 TDI and CORTEX ARM cores, speeds up to 600MHZ, 800*480 TFT LCD and touchscreen(7.0".16:9). Convenient keyset. USB host and USB device. SD card interface. 128MB NandFlash, 128MB SDRAM.

Advanced operation by full menu and picture guidance. All data can be edited, stored and loaded. Colour connection picture is on the screen whenever you need it. The stored data can be transferred to a PC by the USB port or SD card, and also can be transferred wherever you want directly by the Internet. Updates directly from the Internet. 

Full package:

Programmer, OBD cables. Includes the following adapters and connectors - EEPROM, Motorola, NEC, TMS 374, HC711, HC908, 9(S)12 in-circuit, HC705, EWS, NDM457, ST624, TMS 370, CMM, OBD, JC, AVR/PIC, D80/160, C-04, MERCEDES-38 connector, BMW-20 connector, BMW CAS cables, Mercedes cluster cable, SD card, clips, touch-holders, USB cable, power cables. Software: OBD functions are all activated for odometer. Does not include IMMO software for programming of keys. 


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